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Data Scientist

Data Analyst

A Data Scientist is an expert in data that they collect, study, cross-reference and analyse. They are specialists in statistics, IT and business, and conduct surveys, usually for operational departments (e.g. for marketing purposes to build customer loyalty or for commercial use). They use the internet, smartphones and multimedia to obtain as much relevant data as possible and organise it in such a way as to make it readable and usable for managers. 

This new profession is strategic for companies and contributes to their performance.


  • They analyse problems related to marketing/sales, management, and business processes and translate them into mathematical models.

  • They determine the appropriate variables to address the problem, and then identify the relevant data sources required to solve it.

  • They collect data, add to it, cleanse it and analyse it.

  • They cross-reference information with the various departments within the company and provide operational solutions.

  • They are in permanent contact with other data scientists and present results to managers and marketing/financial/business directors.

Required skills

  • Strong interest in computer science
  • Aptitude for mathematics and statistics
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Rigour
  • Realism
  • Curiosity

What you need to learn/master

  • Data query language
  • Databases
  • Management and analysis methods
  • Digitisation of business processes
  • Data governance and protection
  • Statistics
  • Applied mathematics

Career opportunities and progression

  • There are many job opportunities for young graduates. After a few years’ experience, they can move into Revenue Management, Pricing, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or lead a team of Data Scientists.

Qualification requirements

5 years of post-High School education


Junior: €35,000 - €38,000 

Experienced: up to €75,000