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International Business Developer

International Commercial Manager, International Sales Manager

An International Business Developer defines the strategy, actions and commercial projects to be implemented internationally or in a given geographical zone. They set turnover targets and are committed to delivering results. They are involved in promoting the brand in the region for which they are responsible and contribute to building customer loyalty. 

Their job requires them to travel extensively (typically, at least 50% of their time is spent abroad).


  • They carry out research to understand the market in which their company operates, to determine the competition and to measure the desirability of their products or services.

  • They examine the short, medium and long term needs of new clients and prospects in order to establish partnerships.

  • They analyse the consumer habits, the geopolitical situation and the culture of the zone in which they are looking to expand.

  • They negotiate with clients to ensure that contracts are in line with the company’s development plan and client needs.

  • They ensure that products are adapted to client needs and may ask the company’s technical departments to make certain modifications.

Required skills

  • Strong negotiation skills
  • Sales acumen
  • Curiosity
  • International outlook and interest in geopolitics
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • English + other foreign languages

What you need to learn/master

  • Marketing
  • Customer relations
  • Intercultural management
  • Business management and finance
  • International economics and politics
  • English + another foreign language

Career opportunities and progression

  • They can work in a wide range of sectors.
  • Development Director
  • International Director
  • Key Account Manager
  • Managing Director

Qualification requirements

5 years of post-High School education


Junior: €30,000 - €50,000 (base + variable)

Experienced: €50,000 - €80,000