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Risk Manager

Risk Analyst

A Risk Manager is responsible for anticipating and forecasting ‘the unforeseeable’ in areas such as finance, industry or the environment. They identify the risks to which their company is exposed and work with company management to minimise, control or avoid such risks. 


  • They assess the potential consequences of risks in terms of loss or damage.

  • They inform company management of the risks and potential benefits of a financial transaction, and recommend alternative business scenarios or possible preventive measures to manage risks.

  • They negotiate contracts with insurance companies, at the best possible rates, to cover the company’s various operations and activities.

  • They support employees in dealing with risks arising from the company’s activities and train them in risk prevention.

  • They analyse the risks of security systems to combat hacking, and they offer solutions.

Required skills

  • Ability to anticipate
  • Analytical mind
  • Rigour
  • Methodology
  • Patience
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to train others

What you need to learn/master

  • Risk management
  • Economic and financial environment
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Business management
  • Finance
  • Regulations and law
  • English

Career opportunities and progression

  • Risk Managers take up development roles, particularly in SMEs. They can work in a variety of sectors such as oil, chemical, banking and finance.

Qualification requirements

5 years of post-High School education


Junior: €35,000 - €45,000 

Experienced: €50,000 - €80,000