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Tourism Product Manager

Project Manager, Event Project Manager

A Tourism Product Manager creates personalised tours or holidays for clients in their chosen destinations. They offer tailor-made holidays. Usually specialising in a particular geographical area, they design the tours and manage the various phases of the tourism project by coordinating stakeholders. They manage the technical and logistical aspects, and ensure the quality of the service.


  • They study geographical areas and, in their tours, take into account all the elements relating to the political context, the economic situation and the climate.

  • They determine the communications strategy for their tourism offer, to ensure that it sells well; they write the descriptions and sales pitches.

  • They organise the tour, book excursions and accommodation, and manage the technical aspects.

  • They negotiate contracts and prices with service providers and suppliers to make their offer as competitive as possible.

  • They manage the relationship either with the network of sales reps or directly with their customers.

Required skills

  • Diplomacy
  • Strong business sense
  • Organisation
  • Rigour

What you need to learn/master

  • Marketing and consumer behaviour
  • Geography and tourism
  • Sales techniques
  • Modern languages

Career opportunities and progression

  • Zone Manager
  • Market Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Operations Director
  • Marketing Director

Qualification requirements

3 years of post-High School education


Junior: €24,000 - €27,000

Experienced: €33,000 - €38,000