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Tourist Office Manager

Visitor Information Centre Manager, Tourist Information Centre Manager

A Tourist Office Manager promotes the heritage of their town or region by centralising information on the tourism offer. They manage the tourist office, its budget and its teams, and steer the communications strategy with the aim of welcoming tourists and ensuring that they have all the information they need for a pleasant stay.


  • They organise communication campaigns and events to promote the region.

  • With their teams, they organise the welcoming and advising of tourists.

  • They develop products and communications material, making use of all forms of traditional, and digital, communications to attract tourists and give them the best possible tourism experience.

  • They ensure that the Tourist Office’s budget is properly managed.

  • They organise cultural and tourist events, and involve the media.

Required skills

  • Creativity
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Excellent organisational skills
  • Rigour
  • Diplomacy
  • Cultural and artistic awareness
  • Proficiency in English

What you need to learn/master

  • Management of tourism projects
  • General management
  • Geography
  • Economics of tourism
  • Tourism marketing
  • English + other foreign languages
  • Event organisation
  • Communications

Career opportunities and progression

  • The position Tourist Office Manager is not open to new graduates – you will need a few years of professional experience in the sector.
  • Travel Agency Director

Qualification requirements

5 years of post-High School education


Junior: €28,000 - €30,000 

Experienced: €32,000 - €40,000 depending on size of structure